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True parrot mass

True parrot mass


Mass Budgerigar: 30 – 40 g, African grey parrot: 410 g. Length Budgerigar: 18 cm, African grey parrot: 33 cm


Eclectus Parrot

Australian King Parrot

What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD?What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD?

Thick-billed parrot

Red-Lored Amazon was a favorite import that is now found wild throughout California.

Find out everything you need to know about bird foot health and what perches to choose for your pet bird.

Petal and Buddy are a bonded pair of parakeets. They are incredibly adorable together!


Rainbow lorikeet.jpg

Grey area: The illicit parrot trade and SA's captive-breeding industry

Parrot sitting on limb

The vast majority of parrots are, like this rose-ringed parakeet, cavity nesters.

The sixth mass genesis? New species are coming into existence faster than ever thanks to humans

Golden conure

Perry is a 12 year old male Senegal. We are still getting to know Perry

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Parrot Genius: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Talents (NGK Chapters) by Moira Rose Donohue (2014-07-22) Mass ...


Meet Frederica, is a 33 year old female yellow-nape amazon/BFA hybrid

Jonestown massacre


File:Poicephalus senegalus -Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, South Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA-8a (2).jpg

Quincy is a baby (hatched in 2018) Quaker/Monk Parrot. He was

Some of the parrots confiscated from executive member of the Parrot Breeders Association of South Africa

Mass Repin, make this birb into meme history! #parrotmemes

Alex the Parrot: No Ordinary Bird: A True Story

Photo / The total extinction toll is likely to have been around 1,300 bird species. Photo /

Is Your Pet Bird A Healthy Weight?



The last Carolina Parakeet

How to Train a Baby Parrot: 10 Tips

Photo Taken by Matt Dillon near his new home on Man-O-War Cay

Should Your Parrot Be On Your Shoulder?

If My Parrot Has Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome/ABV What Signs Will I See ? Digestive Tract Signs Neurological Signs

Willie is a 1 year old male eclectus. This sweet, interactive boy deserves a

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Azul is a 3 year old male Green Cheek Conure who was surrendered as his human

Fancy Parakeet

Paco is a 25 year old male Quaker/Monk parrot who was surrendered as his

Miami is a 19 year old male Blue and Gold Macaw. He has only had

Spix's macaw has been officially declared extinct in the wild

Belvedere is a female parakeet, transferred to CTPR through our rescue-partnership. She

Young Swift Parrots _Photo Henry Cook

Their size ranges from 3.5 to 40 inches and mass of about 2.25 to 56 ounces. These birds live in groups called flocks and each flock contains about 20 -30 ...


33 year old Simon was adopted in February 2019! Amazons live for 60+ years

Cloth Peach Real Dream Birds Diaper Parrot Clothes

The kea is the only alpine parrot.

Mass Appeal Check out The Parrot and Bird Emporium in Feeding Hills!

Fischer's lovebird

Parrot Disco drone flying

The mass in Veni's nare. Surgery next week.

Tilly is a female parakeet who loves her disco ball! She was transferred to CTPR

Buddy a 3 year old Green Cheek Conure who deserves a final home to call his

Just Because It's On The Internet Doesn't Make It True

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Cloth Peach Real Dream Customized Birds Parrot Clothes

Yellow-crowned Amazon head

Parrots' Well-Being

Teach your parrot not to bite you (100% works) /Indian ring-neck parrots

... fruit, nectar, pollen, buds, and sometimes arthropods and other animal prey. The most important of these for most true parrots and cockatoos are seeds; ...

File:Poicephalus senegalus -Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, South Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA-8a.jpg

Unholy Matrimony: A True Story of Murder and Obsession Mass Market Paperback – April 1, 1988

Kiwi is an adult sun conure. He/she does well with a confident person


How to Keep Parrots from Getting Bored

Are Parakeets a Type of Parrot?

All About Your Parrot's Feathers - The Causes Of Molt, Feather Problems And What You Can Do About Them


Nanday Parakeet

Sun Conure Parrot

Top 10 'Talking' Birds

Birds like these wild Meyer's Parrots, can be carriers of Parrot Disease

Note how the parrot's feathers blend in with the bright green leaves of this tropical tree


Glencoe Golf Club

A few parrots, if you feed them the right thing, will eat from bird

These species went extinct in 2018. More may be doomed to follow in 2019.

Bird Grooming Basics

Parrot cichlids — to be cherished or avoided? — Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Parakeets from Asia have established themselves in cities across Britain. Alicja Korbinska / shutterstock

Caged parrots in Cuba. These smart, social birds are favorite pets in many countries