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How do you fix the delete key on a mac keyboard

How do you fix the delete key on a mac keyboard


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Apple says the process may involve the replacement of one or more keys or the whole keyboard.

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Welcome back to Mac 101, our series of tips for new and novice Mac users.

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Today, my Apple Magic Keyboard 2's special function keys were suddenly stopped functioning. The keys for volume, brightness, play/pause, would not work.

Newer MacBook Pro keyboards with sticky keys are part of an Apple repair program. Photo

How to fix stuck MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard

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Close-up of a Mac keyboard

... a few familiar buttons like volume, mute, and display brightness, as well as Siri. The Escape (Esc) button appears on the left side of the Touch Bar.

Apple ...


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Apple MacBook-review-hero1

Matias is building the wired Mac keyboards that Apple won't

Make your backspace work again through updating keyboard driver automatically via Driver Easy.

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Once upon a time, the top row of keys on every Mac were simply labeled: F1, F2, and so on. Many programs used these for keyboard shortcuts, but in the late ...

How to Perform “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” on Your Mac

Shown: German Keyboard Cover | Rollover to zoom, click to enlarge

Laptop keyboard key retainer

Apple admits its computers are broken

Use Windows PC Keyboard on Mac with remapped modifier keys

Apple Aluminum Keyboard

Use your Smart Keyboard Folio or Smart Keyboard with iPad Pro

In order to replace the bracket you need to identify how it sits in the metal areas on the keyboard. You should be able to snap the different arms of the ...

Screenshot of Windows control panel for Ease of Access keyboard options

Use a toothpick to remove crumbs or debris from under the sticky keys.

keyboard beeping noise

Apps on the Mac

Also, if you want/need to stop the power button located directly above the Delete key on the keyboard from working


Screenshot of OS X Universal Access keyboard options

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