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Picture of Set Up DietPi

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Various software titles: Now run under their own system user account, with limited permissions. - DietPi-Drive_Manager | Samba/CIFS mounting fixes/improve ...

DietPi + Allo Web GUI: Now available


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DietPi v6.0 releases, Lightweight justice for your single-board computer

Installing Dietpi on a Raspberry Pi 3

dietpi - install ssh client on orange pi PC

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More information for EmonPi installation:

Is it possible to remove the login and DietPi output?

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Step 1: Install Diet Pi

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... v4 supported in dietpi-software - DietPi-Explorer Whiptail based, minimal/lightweight file explorer + manager And lots lots more ...

DietPi may not look pretty, but under the hood we have a powerful yet easy-touse server that's suitable for all levels of user.


RAID Array & NAS on DietPi Rpi with USB drives


This will allow you to show your appreciation for DietPi, and help support its development, without breaking the bank!

#DietPi @nordvpn installation will be available in v6.20. Front-end

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... TB GPU driver - @ALLOdotcom Katana driver And, lots, lots more https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/pull/1881#issue-198485386 …pic.twitter.com/y9R6bQu4su

... reply with your experiences and feedback of #DietPi, eg: - What do you love? - What do you dislike? Winner will be picked at random on 18th August!

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... non-APT software titles for fresh installs and reinstalls +More https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/pull/1828#issue-193469096 …pic.twitter.com/PMRMX8Kjvr

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DietPi on Twitter: "#DietPi-Drive_Manager rewrite, available in v6.10: + Network drive support + Faster initialization… "


#dietpi #installation #raspberrypi


now we need to format the newly created partition

Thanks to all our #users who have opted to run #DietPi-Benchmark on

Various software titles: Now run under their own system user account, with limited permissions. - DietPi-Drive_Manager | Samba/CIFS mounting fixes/improve ...


Install owCloud


Absolute Linux is a Slackware-based distro that you might find to have the perfect ratio of old-school looks and present-day usability: ...

Again using the ↓ arrow key select Install and hit enter, to start auto installing the latest version of ownCloud. Let the Pi reboot.

Navigate over to Software Optimized and scroll down till you see “OwnCloud…” and select it using space bar.


And so it was that one of our readers (MrShark) put me onto a VPS (virtual Private Server) facility this week – for less than £3 a month you can have your ...


Now there DO seem to be some issues with DietPi – I've reported them – on a real Pi the serial port needs permissions altering to work (added to script just ...

Picture of Setup Raspberry Pi Using Diet Pi Without Monitor or Keyboard

The pinnacle tier for users who are able to support us at the highest level.




saiakash commented Nov 2, 2017 •

Note: all content from the MicroSD card will be deleted and replaced with the content of the image file.

10:10 AM - 8 Jul 2018

DietPI not booting to desktop

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Picture of Download Diet Pi

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DietPi main screen


Raspberry Pi OwnCloud Install with Diet Pi

install logmein hamachi on orange pi PC DietPI OS- Armabian Jessie

[SK/CZ] Domáci server na RaspberryPi časť 1 - Inštalácia OS a prvé spustenie

Diet Pi Supporting Material (videos #126 and #128)

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dietpi xfce kurulumu


Allo USBridge

07 PM

Extending a dietPi file system (video #126)

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Picture of Open Terminal Window and Connect to Raspberry Pi


MotionEye on DietPi on Raspberry Pi: keeping an eye on things

#DietPi v6.19 released: - @ASUS #Tinkerboard image update with GLES

If you like to copy my settings, just follow the list:

nBesides the RPi, DietPi is available for a host of single-board computers such as BeagleBone, Banana Pi, Orange Pi and more

Extending a dietPi file system (video #126)

Usually, you should add two resistors to drive a FET: R1 to discharge the gate capacitance of the MOSFET, and R2 to limit the current which is created if ...

MyVolumio: the new Audiophile cloud echosystem for Music Lovers · Volumio

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